Citizens in politics

General information

Project title: Citizens in politics
Duration: 6 months
Implementation period: 15 July 2021
Implemented in partnership with Human Center Mitrovica
Supported by: Kosovo Open Society Foundation, OPEN 2021
Status: in progress

Project objectives:

The proposed initiative aims to analyze the existing patterns of political participation within the Serb community in Kosovo with a special focus on the relationship/aspirations and modalities of citizen involvement in political processes as well as the attitude of the authorities towards such initiatives.

The research with the working title “Citizens in Politics” will aim to determine:

– Attitudes of citizens towards participation in political processes (party activities, electoral activism) or active civic activities in cooperation with political representatives (practical policies, development strategies, local policies to protect the interests of citizens or vulnerable social groups).
– The role of civil society organizations towards political actors, decision-makers, their capacity to create practical policies and legal solutions, as well as their ability to advocate targeted changes in interaction with political representatives in cooperation with citizens.
– Finally, the research will deal with the attitude of political representatives towards the ambition of citizens and civil society organizations to actively participate in political processes.

Expected results:

1. The prepared report provides a basic insight into the main processes, practices of involving citizens in the political life of the Serb community in Kosovo.
2. Raised level of knowledge and awareness of the shortcomings and gaps that occur in democratic processes of the political association through which individuals become legitimate representatives of the community.
3. Raised awareness of the institutional responsibility of public officials as well as the need for open dialogue with community members.

Publications and reports:

– Publication
– Final report
– Other