Dictionary of Words That Do Not Need Translation

Authors: Nora Bezera, Marija Orović


The third edition of the “Dictionary of Words That Do Not Need Translation” gathered over 400 terms that are common to both Serbian and Albanian languages. The publication also included 25 stories that correspond to specific dictionary terms.

The creation process started with the two-day workshop held in Prizren, which brought together young academics from diverse ethnic communities. They were engaged in creative exercises to identify shared words between the Albanian and Serbian languages. At the workshop, were identified common words that composed the initial version of the thesaurus.

After the development of the thesaurus, exploring origins, and phonetic pronunciation, the content was shaped into a language-learning resource.

The dictionary provides context for the etymology, and historical origin and highlights the cultural and historical connections between Kosovo Serbs and Albanians. It can be used as an additional manual for learning the Serbian and Albanian languages.

You may find the entire publication HERE.