Diversity of Ethnic Communities in Kosovo Through the Lenses of Young Photographers

The NGO CASA recently gathered over 20 passionate young photographers with a different ethnic background on a journey throughout Kosovo, where they collectively sought to capture the diversity among ethnic communities. From Mitrovica through Pristina, all the way to the village of Janjevo/Janjeva, participants demonstrated exceptional solidarity and unity as they explored the rich culture and tradition of this region.

Continuing the adventure towards the multicultural capital – Prizren, young Serbian and Albanian photographers eagerly awaited visits to Dragaš/Dragash and Prevalac/Prevalla, ready to document the path to the beauties of the rich Kosovo landscape. The unexpected snow that fell in Dragaš/Dragash and its surroundings additionally embellished the moments recorded in the photographs.

Upon returning from this three-day workshop, all participants carried positive impressions with them and are looking forward to the next meeting. The documentary film and the most beautiful photographs from this journey will be available for viewing at the upcoming exhibition at our Barabar Center from May 20th to 23rd.

We owe immense gratitude to the United Nations Mission in Kosovo – UNMIK, which supported this activity through the Barabar Centre initiative.