Handbook for women’s liberation – Kosovo edition

Author. Dušica Jovičić

This Handbook for the Women Liberation in Kosovo is a tangible manifestation of the Emancipation Club, which began its work in February 2024 at the Barabar Center in Pristina. The club was founded with the clear idea of ​​providing young women from Kosovo with a space for reflection and empowerment through thematically designed workshops. The main goal of the Club is to empower young women in Kosovo and promote solidarity among women that overcomes cultural, religious and ethnic differences.

The manual is intended for all young women in Kosovo who strive for a better understanding of their position in society and active participation in emancipation processes. Through four thematic units – Women and gender, Women lead, Women and war, and Women and the media, it provides a deeper understanding of the key topics covered at the workshops of the Emancipation Club.

In addition to empowering young women, the handbook also aims to promote inter-ethnic cooperation and unity among women in Kosovo. Through the prism of gender equality and emancipation, women of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds have the opportunity to unite around common goals and problems, thus contributing to wider social reconciliation and tolerance.

With its inclusive nature and practical approach, the manual provides useful insights and tools for building a better society based on the principles of equality and respect for diversity.

You can read the entire manifesto HERE.