Inquiry into genuine interests of Kosovo Serbs in dialogue process

General information

Project title: Inquiry into genuine interests of Kosovo Serbs in the dialogue process
Duration: 10 months
Implementation period: September 1 – July 2, 2024
Supported by: The Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCD)
Status: In progress

  Project objectives

The Project aspires to mobilize the Kosovo Serb community to identify genuine interests predisposing to its perseverance in Kosovo and should be considered in the EU-facilitated dialogue process. These interests will be defined in a consultation process with relevant community actors, including informal community leaders, women’s groups, civic activities, youth councils, institutional representatives, religious leaders, and other actors with a genuine representational role in the Kosovo Serb community all over Kosovo. Findings and recommendations will be formatted into policy submissions (research papers with action points) and submitted to the parties involved in the dialogue process (negotiation teams from Pristina and Belgrade) including the team of the EU Special Representative for dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo as well as a wider circle of stakeholders in Kosovo, including the actors involved in the reconciliation process, protection of minority rights.

Expected results

  1. The Kosovo government and relevant institutions will receive timely conveyed alerts and structurally tailored recommendations to prompt their preparedness for PACE’s rapporteur’s mission. This will enable them to proactively address and rectify deficiencies in the application of European standards related to minority rights and democratic governance.
  2. The PACE’s rapporteurs will be provided with valuable guidance and recommendations on key areas to focus on during their fact-finding mission. This will enable them to conduct more targeted assessments and investigations, ensuring that their efforts are focused on the most crucial aspects related to minority rights and democratic governments.
  3. The general public in Kosovo, including non-majority communities will gain factual knowledge about the benefits and obligations associated with membership in the Council of Europe.

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