“The project that need no translation”

General information

Title: “The project that need no translation”
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: 15th of June 2021
Implemented in partnership with: MAG (Mlada Aktivna Gračanica)
Funded by: UNDP through the support of EU Office in Kosovo
Status: ongoing

Objectives of the project           

The overall objective is to promote the intangible cultural heritage of Kosovo communities as a driver of interethnic cooperation, trust, respect, and a stable society. This will be achieved through a set of activities designed to :

  • engage the youth of various ethnic backgrounds in social interaction and activities that promote intercultural linguistic literacy
  • create a conducive learning environment, for young people of various gender, ethnic backgrounds, social statuses, etc, in which cultural differences and similarities are observed as enriching value and social wealth.

Targeted impact

The specific set of activities is designed to achieve the following results:

Increased opportunities for young people from Kosovo to engage in the interethnic social interactions and activities that promote ethnic tolerance and cooperation
Increased opportunities for young people, artists, civic activists, students of social studies, to engage in activities that promote Kosovo’s cultural diversity and linguistic literacy
Increase of exposure general public in Kosovo to narratives that promote cultural and ethnic appreciation.

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