The second edition of the Dictionary of words that do not need translation has been released

The second edition of the publication “Dictionary of words that do not need translation” was presented yesterday at the Barabar Center in Pristina.

In the panel discussion participated the author of the dictionary, linguist and Albanologist Nora Bezera, co-author of the dictionary, linguist and professor of English Marija Orović and students from the University of Pristina and Belgrade, Elvira Kryeziu and Borivoje Lazić.

According to Nora Bezera, there is a rich fund of Serbian and Albanian words that do not need translation, and this dictionary contains precisely those words that are characteristic of the culture and tradition of both nations.

“We inherited a rich common fund in the field of cooking mainly from the Turkish language, while a larger part of the scientific, administrative and legal vocabulary was inherited from the Latin, French and English languages,” says Bezera.

As part of the second edition of the dictionary, readers were also presented with stories about certain concepts, which were in charge of professor Marija Orović.

“Languages serve as carriers of a rich cultural heritage, maintaining the traditions, history and identity of a nation. Today I am particularly pleased to present to you some words that capture the beauty and complexity of the Serbian and Albanian languages. Through the research of these words, we embark on a journey that goes beyond ordinary language study, it provides us with an insight into common narratives and unique nuances that make each language a treasure of cultural expression,” she said.

Students of the University of Balkanology and Albanianology in Belgrade and Pristina participated in the creation of this dictionary. For students Eljvira Kruezija and Borivoj Lazić, who point out that while working on this project they found about 800 words that are written, pronounced and have the same meaning in Albanian and Serbian, and that this dictionary will bring the two peoples closer together.

Among the numerous visitors were representatives of the diplomatic corps, civil society, media and students.

“Dictionary of words that do not need translation” is part of the “ArtSphere: Diversification of the social landscape through art” project, supported by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo, implemented by NGO CASA and NGO Integra within the Barabar Center initiative.

The dictionary’s second edition is available for reading HERE.