Our Mandate and Objectives

Who We Are

The Centre for Affirmative Social Actions CASA is emerging civic society initiative, established in 2020 with purpose to increase the engagement of authentic representatives of Kosovo Serb community, emerging young leaders in initiatives pursuing the mission of the organization.


The mission of Center for Affirmative social Actions – CASA is: to build a viable future for Serbian and other non-majority communities in Kosovo, safeguarded by attainable laws, accomplished by equal developmental opportunities and valued by recognized ethnic distinctiveness.


1. Legal and institutional safety for non-majority communities protected by efficient institutions and affirmative legal and policy framework safeguarding their rights and freedoms

2. Affirmative economic environment with increased opportunities for non-majority communities in the achievement of economic and social prosperity and balanced community development

3. Valued ethnic and cultural distinctiveness of Kosovo Serbs and other non-majority communities endorsed through actions protecting/promoting the diversity of ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identities .


Kosovo as inclusive, diverse, and just society in which all communities and individuals enjoy equal rights and opportunities and freedom to cooperate with one and all.


Čika Jovina 15
Severna Mitrovica 

Our hours

09:00 AM – 17:00 PM
Monday – Friday

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