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Local Awakening!

General information Project title: Local Awakening Initiative Duration: 18 months Starting date : 01/09/2022 – Supported by: European Endowment for Democracy Status: in progress Project objectives: The project objective is to build organization’s capacities and resources required to actively and

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Organizational development grant

Program: Engagement for joint action – EJA Kosovo General information Title: “Organizational development grant” Duration: 6 months Starting date: September 1st, 2022 Funded by: Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) Status: Ongoing Objective of the project The Center for Affirmative Social

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#seetheworldthroughoureyes Campaign

General information Project title: #seetheworldthroughoureyes Campaign Duration: 5 months Implementation period: 01/04 – 30/08 2020 Implemented by the Center for Affirmative social Actions Supported by: Kosovo 2.0 RDN 2.0 Status: in progress Project objectives: The project aims to increase the awareness

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Citizens in politics

General information Project title: Citizens in politics Duration: 6 months Implementation period: 15 July 2021 Implemented in partnership with Human Center Mitrovica Supported by: Kosovo Open Society Foundation, OPEN 2021 Status: in progress Project objectives: The proposed initiative aims to

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