Local awakening!

The backbone of a democratic and stable society is its engaged citizens. That is beyond the debate.  With support from European Endowment for Democracy in the next 18 months, NGO CASA will work directly with grassroots initiatives in non-majority communities across Kosovo to capacitate them for active engagement in the protection of their immediate interest. The goal of the project Local Awakening Initiatives is to overpass the overwhelming apathy that consumed the Serbian community in Kosovo and turn the citizens from passive bystanders into active partakers. To do so, NGO CASA developed the pioneering model of direct participation of citizens in civic initiatives, i.e CASA Council, a citizens forum consisting of 12 young and emerging leaders of K-Serb communities tasked to actively engage in social dynamics of local communities, identify its genuine needs and mobilize the local community in demanding the solutions.

The core of this initiative is the operationalization of this concept into a powerful tool for citizen mobilization. Follow us on our social media networks or/and bookmark our website for regular updates to witness how this process develops firsthand.

More about the project: Local Awakening! – NGO CASA