Call for young visual artists

Barabar Centre invites all young visual artists to be part of the ‘ArtSphere’ project. The objective of the project is to create an environment that promotes the growth and recognition of young artists in Kosovo. This project envisages the organization

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Enhancing local activism

Active citizens who fight for their rights, monitor how government representatives perform their functions or build on shortcomings in the provision of institutional services, are a prerequisite for a healthy and democratic society. Therefore, strengthening social activism is one of

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Local awakening!

The backbone of a democratic and stable society is its engaged citizens. That is beyond the debate.  With support from European Endowment for Democracy in the next 18 months, NGO CASA will work directly with grassroots initiatives in non-majority communities

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CASA signs the cooperation agreement with Kosovo 2.0

The Center for Affirmative Social Actions launches a new project aimed at an increase of public awareness and understanding of the needs of people with disabilities.  The project #seetheworldthroughoureyes Campaign seeks to increase the awareness of the general public and decision-makers on

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