NGO CASA submitted a proposal for amendments and additions to the second Action Plan of the KPGE 2020-2024

On December 5, 2022, the NGO CASA submitted to the Agency for Gender Equality a proposal for amendments to the Action Plan of the Kosovo Program for Gender Equality (KPGE) for the period 2023-2024.
In that report, NGO CASA requested changes to eight points of the second Action Plan of the Kosovo Program for Gender Equality, which outline the responsibilities of a proactive and affirmative institutional approach in ensuring equal rights and opportunities for the social and economic affirmation of women from non-majority communities. These adjustments are required in order to give women from non-majority populations equal access to information, services, and other assistance programs offered by central institutions in Kosovo based on their mission in the prevailing socio-political circumstances.

The Kosovo Program for Gender Equality is an important strategic framework that places the interests of women and the principles of gender equality at the center of the transformation process in Kosovo, promoting the economic empowerment of women, effective social protection, legal security, improving access to educational programs, essential participation of women in political life and many other aspects of the full social affirmation of women.

Consistent implementation of the proposed measures requires taking into account specific socio-political circumstances and a proactive approach of relevant institutions towards women from non-majority communities.

The proposal for amendments to the second Action Plan, which was created in consultation with representatives of non-majority communities and experts from a variety of sectors, focuses specifically on establishing the principle of an affirmative institutional approach to this target group.

The entire document can be found here.

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