Strengthening social dialogue in Kosovo


General information:    

Title: Strengthening social dialogue in Kosovo
Duration 12 months
Start date: December 1, 2022
Funded by: Kosovo Foundation for Open Society – KFOS
Status: in progress


Objectives of the project    

The main project’s objectives are to foster social cohesion in Kosovo through the development of new communication tools that can reach more people in communities and have a bigger impact on the general public, as well as the encouragement of an atmosphere of open and free dialogue between government officials and social actors from minority communities. This will be accomplished by focusing on two key objectives: encouraging positive public discourse on the problems currently affecting ethnic relations in Kosovo, and supporting and launching direct conversation between representatives of minority communities and the relevant Kosovo authorities. In order to create stronger and more inclusive communities, an open and constructive discourse is promoted in this manner.

Targeted impact   

The expected results of the project are:

  • Intensification of the process of dialogue between central institutions and representatives of the Serbian community in Kosovo through support for three specific representative initiatives;
  • Active engagement of social actors in finding solutions for the full implementation of the rights of non-majority communities in Kosovo through the process of drafting three practical policy proposals on issues of importance to the Serbian community and
  • Strengthening open and inclusive social dialogue in Kosovo on issues that burden ethnic relations by creating innovative media content that conceptually foresees the presentation of different interests and perspectives on issues of importance to inter-ethnic relations in Kosovo.

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