#seetheworldthroughoureyes Campaign

General information

Project title: #seetheworldthroughoureyes Campaign

Duration: 5 months
Implementation period: 01/04 – 30/08 2020
Implemented by the Center for Affirmative social Actions
Supported by: Kosovo 2.0 RDN 2.0
Status: in progress

Project objectives:

The project aims to increase the awareness of the general public and decision-makers on the position and obstacles that persons with disabilities (PwDs) in non-majority communities are facing in everyday life.

It will do so through the production of a series of short-form videos (shot in the first-person angle) that illustrates various forms of discrimination and social stigma PwDs are facing in everyday life; whether this is a simple task of buying grocery, accessing health services, or applying for the job. In total, 8 stories will visually portray the rigidness and inattentiveness of society seen with the eyes of the persons that suffer from various sorts of disabilities, vision or hearing impairment, locomotor disabilities, dwarfisms, intellectual disabilities, etc


Expected results:

This action will have a significant impact on diversity in media reporting due to the chronic lack of public attention to the challenges persons with disability face in Kosovo. In addition, the results of the action will be:

  •      Increase public awareness and understanding of the needs of PwDs as an immensely vulnerable social group
  •       Increase social dialogue on the actions required to enable full social inclusion of the PwDs
  •       Increase awareness of decision-makers and CSO on the gaps in services offered to PwDs
  •       Media outlets in non-majority communities will increase the socially-responsible reporting

Publications and reports:

  • video materials

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