ArtSphere: Diversifying the Social Landscape Through Art

General information

Project title: ArtSphere: Diversifying the Social Landscape Through Art
Duration: 8 months
Implementation period: April 1- November 30, 2023
Supported by: The Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo
Implementation partners: NGO Integra and Barabar Centre
Status: In progress

Project objectives:

The overall objective of the project is to create an environment that promotes the growth and recognition of young artists in Kosovo while fostering intercultural communication and academic exchange to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of Kosovo’s cultural diversity. The specific objectives that serve as the building blocks to achieve this overarching goal are defined as:

Specific objective 1: Foster the development of young artists in Kosovo by creating a supportive environment for the promotion of work and peer-exchanges

Specific Objective 2: Stimulate intercultural communication and academic exchange to enhance public understanding and appreciation of Kosovo’s rich cultural diversity.

Expected Results:

The project’s expected results cover both collaborative and practical aspects:

  • Heightened support for young artists, which results in greater visibility of their work and increased public recognition. The goal is to include at least 15 emerging artists from various communities in Kosovo in this initiative.
  • Enhanced social interaction among young people from diverse cultural backgrounds. This is a key component of the project, where interactions are facilitated throughout its activities, leading to the involvement of at least 300 individuals including artists, academics, civic activists, etc.
  • Increased number of young academics dedicated to promoting cultural diversity in Kosovo. In addition to directly involving at least 10 young academics from universities in Pristina, Mitrovica, and Belgrade, the dissemination of the dictionary through public libraries and civic initiatives is expected to reach at least 1,000 individuals.
  • Increased public appreciation and understanding of Kosovo’s rich artistic and cultural landscape. The standard communication practices of project partners Integra and CASA, which include regular media outreach, social media promotion, and stakeholder involvement, will facilitate substantial community outreach and promote a greater understanding of the country’s vibrant artistic and cultural offerings.

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