Citizens in Politics

Author: Miodrag Marinković

Research paper: Citizens in Politics

The main objective of the research was  to review the existing practices and modalities of political activism in the Kosovo Serb community. In the given context, the notion of political activisms was interpreted as a process of citizens› engagement within political entities (parties, movements) or political processes (for example active engagement in the election process, citizen’s initiatives, etc) for the purpose of attainment of their needs. Thematically, the research addresses the three (3) aspects of this process. The first part of the research deals with the perceptions of citizens (Serb communities in Kosovo) on political enactments (professionally or through civic activism). The focus of this part of the research was to identify obstacles and opportunities for more active involvement of citizens in decision-making processes at the local and central levels. The second aspect of the research analyzes the prevailing conduct practices of the political representatives of the Serbian community towards the involvement (and consultation) of citizens in decisions making process. Finally, the research dealt with a special dynamic of the relationship between citizens and their political representatives that is the relationship and cooperation of civil society organizations with political and government officials.

The research was conducted within the OPEN initiative. «Democracy, open perspectives of the Serbian community in Kosovo – OPEN» is a new initiative of the Kosovo Open Society Foundation (KFOS), launched in 2020. OPEN is implemented in cooperation with nine civil society organizations operating in the Serb community in Kosovo.

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