Support to local entrepreneurship – Beekeepers in Gračanica

The NGO CASA has launched a program to support the private sector in local communities. The program aims to develop local potential, competitiveness, and transition to genuine market needs of local entrepreneurs, resulting in increased income and jobs generation in rural areas of non-majority communities throughout Kosovo. The first initiative within this program facilitates the capacity-building opportunities for the beekeeping association in Gračanica. The project aims to increase the opportunities for continuous development of knowledge and expertise in this extremely lucrative and environmental-friendly, branch of food production through networking the local association of beekeepers with regional initiatives in this field.

The project envisaged a donation from the NGO CASA to the local association of beekeepers in Gračanica for 20 annual membership fees in the regional beekeeping association. Membership in this initiative provides continuous access to specialized publications of this association, which contain the latest knowledge, research, and trends in the beekeeping industry. In addition, the project foresaw a series of trainings for the association of beekeepers from Gračanica by the most eminent regional experts in this field. You can read more about the project at Support to local entrepreneurship – Beekeepers in Gračanica.