Support to local entrepreneurship – Beekeepers in Gračanica

General information about the project:
Title: Support to local entrepreneurship – Beekeepers in Gračanica
Duration: 12 months
Start date: May 2021
Implemented in partnership with Association of Beekeepers Gračanica
Funded by: local initiative
Status: In progress

The overall objective of the project: support to the private sector in local communities through the
development of local potentials, competitiveness, and adaptation to real market needs, in order to
increase income and job generation opportunities in rural areas of non-majority communities
throughout Kosovo

Specific objective: increase the networking opportunities of the local association of beekeepers in
Gračanica with regional associations to enhance the continuous development of knowledge and
expertise in this extremely lucrative and environmentally friendly, branch of food production

The expected results:
–        20 individual honey producers in the municipality of Gračanica become members of the
regional association of beekeepers
–        At least 20 individual producers of honey and beekeepers in the municipality of Gračanica
on a monthly basis gain access to educational publications that provide information on the
latest trends in the beekeeping industry.
–        At least 40 individual honey producers in central Kosovo participate in training on modern
techniques for producing honey and bee products
–        Honey producers in central Kosovo gain new knowledge that allows them to increase
revenue and develop private business
–        Promoting beekeeping as a business has a positive impact on the environment and biodiversity