“Aequitas Podcast – A new format of social dialogue in Kosovo”

In an innovative initiative aimed at strengthening social dialogue in Kosovo, the long-awaited podcast series, “Aequitas” debuted with its first episode. This political talk show is an innovative format in the production of media content in Kosovo and is conceived so that the respective guests, for selected topics, are welcomed by two journalists, one from the Albanian community and the other from the Serbian community in Kosovo, who will try to imagine the complexity and interweaving of interests that convey the events in Kosovo with questions from the perspective of their communities.

The “Aequitas” podcast, funded by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS), is part of the wider project “Strengthening social dialogue in Kosovo” which encourages open dialogue on political issues.

Each episode of “Aequitas” will follow this format, with the hosts tackling important topics, and inviting relevant guests to give their thoughts and share their experiences. The show aims to provide a platform for nuanced discussions, challenging dominant narratives and fostering a deeper understanding of problematic issues.

With a total of eight episodes planned for its first season, “Aequitas” promises to be a valuable resource for listeners seeking a thorough understanding of the political landscape in Kosovo. The podcast aims to foster greater empathy, break down stereotypes and build bridges between communities by encouraging active participation and critical thinking.

Follow the next episodes of “Aequitas”, where the conversations promise to be even more provocative, enlightening, and instrumental in the advancement of social dialogue and inter-ethnic cooperation in Kosovo.

For more information about the first and next episodes, visit our official YouTube channel.