The CASA Consultative Council annual meeting

The Center for Affirmative Social Actions – CASA has finalized the process of establishment of the organization Consultative Council and marked this important milestone in its development with a joint meeting of the members of the Council. The first occasion was an opportunity for members of the Council to introduce themselves to each other’s and learn about the organization’s plans for the year 2022. Unanimous appraisal of this innovative method for the inclusion of citizens in the work of civil society organizations was the main impression of the meeting. All the members expressed indubitable motivation to mobilize in organization initiatives aspiring positive societal changes.

 The CASA Council is envisaged as an internal organization body consisting of distinguishing young individuals from Kosovo communities that will steer the organization’s efforts in the identification of genuine community needs and development of efficient initiatives leading to their attainment. It consists of 12 promising young leaders in various sectors of the social, economic, and political life of non-majority communities in Kosovo. Balance in geographical coverage and gender representation, recognized in their local communities and respective fields of expertise the CASA Council members will be a refreshing influx into the increase of representational capacity of civic sector. More about the mandate, composition of CASA Council you can learn on this link