Arts in mediation – publication

The director of the Center for Affirmative Social Action- CASA, Mr. Miodrag Miki Marinković was one of the contributing authors of the publication Arts in Peace Mediation. This publication summarises the project Art in Mediation, undertaken by the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which investigates the convergence between the arts and peace mediation. It retraces the multiple encounters that took place between arts and cultural practitioners, psychologists, mediators, and diplomats involved in mediation processes, and distills the findings that resulted. Additionally, it includes a series of research papers about the arts in peace mediation from different perspectives, some academic and others stemming from field experience.

The chapter called: Mediation as Translation: Reflections on the EU Dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade, from the Perspective of the People of Mitrovica, relates the personal experiences and reflections of two peace dialogue practitioners, Miodrag Marinkovic and Olivier Heaner, about the Kosovo conflict. Focused on the divided and disputed Mitrovica region in northern Kosovo, the authors outline the key features of the conflict; underline the need to better connect official Track 1 negotiation processes to local Track 2 and 3 initiatives, and discuss ways in which arts and culture can be leveraged.
The full publication can be found at: https://www.art-in-mediation.ch/resources