Building stronger connections with the community

Aspiring strong and functional ties with the community whose interests NGO CASA seeks to protect, the organization’s Board of Directors has brought the decision on the establishment of CASA Consultative Council, an internal body of the organization whose members will be distinguished individuals, experts in the areas compactible with the organization mission. The mandate of the CASA Council will be to assist the organization in the identification of genuine needs and priorities of the community, proposes its remedies, and actively participate in the process of addressing those needs. The CASA Council will consist of 12 young experts from all the non-majority communities across Kosovo, equipped and keen to contribute to the creation of an inclusive and just society in which all the communities and individuals enjoy the same rights.

Their advice and mobilization in pursue of the organization’s mandate will be valuable contributions to the achievement of the genuinely representative character of the NGO CASA, and consequently greater effectiveness in result delivery.

More about the mandate and members of CASA Consultative Council you can read at CASA COUNCIL.