CASA and Integra Open New Dialogue Center in Pristina

On Thursday, May 11, 2023, the long-awaited event “Building Trust: Strengthening Unity in Kosovo” took place at the Klan Arena in Pristina, marking the 5th anniversary of the UN Mission in Kosovo’s initiative to enhance interethnic trust and cooperation. The event brought together numerous representatives from local and international organizations dedicated to trust-building and interethnic initiatives across Kosovo, as well as a large number of diplomatic representatives from Kosovo.

At the heart of the ceremony NGO CASA, together with its partner Integra from Pristina, had the opportunity to present a new initiative that captured public attention: the Barabar Center, a multiethnic center in Pristina. The center aims to promote interethnic dialogue, tolerance, equality, cultural collaboration, and serve as a hub for numerous initiatives that share these values.

Announcing the launch of the Barabar Center, the Executive Directors of NGO CASA, Miodrag Miki Marinković, and Integra’s Kushtrim Kolići, introduced the principles of the initiative, as outlined in the Barabar Principles publication (link provided here). This set of 10 operational and core principles establishes the framework for the Barabar Center’s activities and the values it will promote within the initiative.

Project partners, NGO CASA and Integra, are working diligently to establish communication channels for the Barabar Center, including the center’s main website and profiles on popular social media platforms. Until then, you can stay informed about the progress of the initiative and upcoming events taking place within the Barabar Center through https://ngo-integra.org and https://ngocasa.org/.