Interests of Serbs in Kosovo in the Process of Normalizing Relations between Belgrade and Pristina

CASA (Center for Affirmative Social Actions) unveiled its flagship report titled “Interests of Serbs in Kosovo in the Process of Normalizing Relations between Belgrade and Pristina” at the Civil Energy Center (CEC) in Gračanica. The extensive research, conducted over recent months, aimed to illuminate the core interests of the Serbian community in Kosovo during the ongoing negotiations for normalizing relations between Belgrade and Pristina. This significant development will undeniably shape the long-term outlook for Kosovo’s Serbian community. The study addressed a wide range of critical issues, encompassing security, the preservation of cultural heritage, economic development, and, lastly, the Association of Serbian Municipalities, offering a comprehensive set of essential competencies required to sustain this organization.

The report’s presentation featured a team of authors, including Miodrag Miki Marinković, the Executive Director of NGO CASA; Stefan Surlić, an Assistant at the Faculty of Political Sciences; and Milica Andrić-Rakić, a Researcher at New Social Initiative. Notable attendees included representatives from the local community, media outlets, civic organizations, and international diplomatic representatives.

Our comprehensive report is now accessible in English language and can be found here.

This project received valuable support from the British Embassy in Kosovo and was successfully implemented between January and September 2023.