Organizational development grant

Program: Engagement for joint action – EJA Kosovo

General information

Title: “Organizational development grant”
Duration: 6 months
Starting date: September 1st, 2022
Funded by: Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF)
Status: Ongoing

Objective of the project

  • The Center for Affirmative Social Actions (CASA) developed internal consultative mechanisms that will make it easier for genuine representatives of the Kosovo Serb community and up-and-coming young leaders to get involved in initiatives that will help the organization fulfill its mission. This was done in an effort to increase its capacity to represent the genuine interests of citizens and enable greater citizen participation in initiatives safeguarding these interests. Twelve young people who are geographically and professionally diverse, and gender-equally represented make up the CASA Community Council. In accordance with the organization’s goals, the group is divided into three thematic subgroups: The Legal/Policy Council, the Economic and Social Development Council, and the Council for the Protection of Cultural and Ethnic Identity. You may read more about CASA Council here: CASA Council – NGO CASA
  • Increase the engagement of authentic and/or young representatives of the non-majority community in civil initiatives that contribute to their better life.

Main actions

  • Increasing the capacity of members of Council to act through civic initiatives,
  • Development of internal protocols that formalize Council role in the organization operations.
  • Public promotion of Council as pioneering mechanisms for citizens participation.

Expected results

  • A group of 12 young and emerging civic leaders capacitated to actively participate in civic initiatives and represent the genuine interest of communities
  • Citizens from non-majority communities increase their participation in civic initiatives
  • Organization (NGO CASA) increase its potential to address the constituency needs in structured and inclusive manner.