The exhibition “Capturing Diversity” opened at the Barabar Center

The NGO CASA last night at the Barabar Centre in Pristina, opened the exhibition of photography “Capturing Diversity”.

The exhibition’s photographs were taken in April on a two-day journey by young Kosovo photographers from Mitrovica and Pristina to Janjevo, Prizren, Dragash, and Prevalla.

The purpose of the journey was to record through the camera lenses the diversity between various ethnic communities in Kosovo, thereby displaying the cultural legacy and tradition of the region.

The exhibition featured a short documentary “Behind the Lenses: Artistic Caravan” directed by Milan Dobrić, which documented the trip of young artists.

Among the many visitors, besides the authors, were present representatives of the institutions, local and international organizations, citizens, and the media.

All interested visitors will be able to visit the exhibition until May 22.

This activity was implemented within the Barabar Centre project, supported by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).