New Informal Platform to Support Kosovo Serb Civil Society Established in Gracanica

On July 3rd in Gracanica, a new informal platform was established to support the civil society of Kosovo Serbs with the aim of strategically strengthening and promoting independent and underrepresented voices within the Serb community in Kosovo in preserving their interests.

This platform stands out for its balanced composition, including members from both the north and south of the Ibar River, and ensures the equal participation of women. In particular, it fosters equality within the civil sector, providing support to the organizations that lack sufficient visibility with decision-makers.

In the initial advocacy phase, the platform will focus on international stakeholders, supporting interest established through an open social dialogue (bottom-up) within the community, focusing on the basic needs and interests of citizens. Inevitably, the platform will promote dialogue between Serbian and Albanian CSOs to delve on a new social contract for a truly multi-ethnic Kosovo.

This informal platform was established within the project “Moving from Integration towards a New Social Contract for a Truly Multiethnic Kosovo,” supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Pristina and implemented by the NGO CASA and Spaces for Societal Change.