NGO CASA Leads Intersectoral Meeting Tackles River Gračanka Pollution

The pollution of river Gračanka was the core of the intersectoral meeting held between representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure (MESPI), the Water Resources Planning Division from Regional Water Company in Priština, and the Gračanica municipality, gathered by Center for Affirmative Social Actions (CASA) and Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD).

The meeting, held on March 28th in Gračanica, focused on forming strong institutional alliances to address the extensive pollution that has befallen the River Gračanka.  At the center of the discussion were citizens’ deep concerns about the environmental deterioration and public health consequences of the contamination. During the discussions, significant evidence was presented accusing a Pristina-based industrial organization as a major contributor to the pollution crisis. Despite a slew of warnings, a noticeable gap in the institutional response to the crisis was highlighted.

Despite these obstacles, attendees rallied around the importance of ongoing collaboration between the Municipality of Gračanica and MESPI to address the pollution threat. They emphasized the shared responsibility of both governments and non-governmental organizations to protect the integrity of natural resources.

Throughout the discussion, the critical role of NGO CASA and HD was emphasized in furthering the cause of environmental diplomacy.