NGO CASA presented a manifesto for women’s liberation

The NGO CASA presented at the European House in North Mitrovica the previous day, “Manual for Women’s Liberation – Kosovo Edition”. This kind of manifesto was created as a product of a series of workshops of a gender-based initiative called the Emancipation Club.

As part of the Emancipation Club, during February and March of this year, four thematic workshops were held in the Barabar Center in Pristina – Women as agents of change, Women’s activism, leadership and volunteerism, Conflict resolution and Women in the media. Precisely for this reason, the chapters of this manual correspodente with these topics: Women and gender, Women lead, Women and war, and Women and media.

The manifesto for women’s liberation was presented by author and researcher at NGO CASA, Dušica Jovičić, and journalist and activist from Gračanica, Milica Kostić Stojanović.

This manual is for all young women in Kosovo who are on the path to freedom and recognize that women’s solidarity transcends political, geographical, and cultural barriers. It can, however, be read by anyone who wants to satisfy their curiosity about independence.

Through dialogue, the main topics of the manual were examined, as well as potential solutions and prospects for female emancipation through inter-ethnic collaboration and understanding.

The presentation of the manual was attended by youngsters, who are most familiar with these issues, as well as representatives from civil society organizations and the media.

This activity was implemented within the framework of the Barabar initiative, supported by UNMIK.